Why Team India should watch out for Pakistan

All these head breaking, ball biting, toe crushing, stump shattering, trust breaking, ball tampering and chucking players only have one agenda in life - to destroy the Indian team.

Analyzing Pakistan's preparation for the T20 World Cup

With the selection done and final 15 decided, what are the leaks and creaks that the team might have to counter?

Pakistan's deadlock situation

When will this wicket-keeper dilemma get resolved? Why has the management not been consistent with the team selection?

Who is the best finisher in ODI Cricket?

This time, it is upto you to decide who the best finisher in ODI cricket is amongst the best - Bevan, Dhoni, Klusener or Hussey, we are just gonna put up the numbers.

VVS Laxman - Very Very Special or Very Very Over-rated

The true question, however, is that should Laxman be considered as a batting great of his generation? Here at CricketingMinds, we believe that Laxman is just an average batsman in the context of other great players, and we have the numbers to prove it.

Swann vs Ajmal - Who is better?

Swann's ability to flight and spin the ball sharply has been one of the key to success. On the other hand, Ajmal is a completely different bowler than Swann. He carries with him bag full of tricks - Top-spinner, flipper, 'Doosra', and now the 'Teesra'.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Why Team India should watch out for Pakistan?

BEWARE TEAM INDIA! The Pakistani team’s evilness is now surfacing. This frightening team has been working very hard at their training camps and are coming up with wicked plans to dismantle and mentally break the Indian team.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Analyzing Pakistan's preparation for the T20 WC

For someone who follows cricket, it is obvious to them that the Pakistani team is one incredibly unexplainable phenomena – at times they exceed miraculous expectations, play like cornered tigers and snatch the unlikeliest victories and other (more often) times, they falter when no one anticipates them to. A cricket fan would know that all predictions, calculations, and projections go haywire when Pakistan takes the field of play. Add to that the unpredictability and spice that comes with T20 cricket and you know you are bound to get an intense mix which can be either being exhilarating or disastrous.

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